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Commercial Doors
500 Series

Model 524Heavy Duty 24 Gauge Ribbed Steel Doors
Models 524 Standard and 524V-524S Insulated

These high quality, heavy duty 24 gauge doors are designed for most commercial and industrial applications - providing long service under demanding applications.

Panels are prepainted inside and out to inhibit rust. Hot-dipped, galvanized steel is painted with primer and given a tough oven-baked polyester top coat, to provide the most rust-resistant steel door available. Ten year warranty against rust-through.

Ribbed Panel Design
Ribbed Panel Design


  • 2" thick sectional steel ribbed door
  • Full 24 gauge, heavy duty steel skins are hot-dipped galvanized, coated inside and out with an epoxy primer and finished with a baked-on white or brown polyester top coat for maintenance-free performance.
  • Available no insulated or insulated with environmentally - safe expanded polystyrene molded to the section
  • Durable rustproof Tog-L-Log™ construction eliminated rivets and welds
  • Many optional window and track configuration

Quality Assurance - Door shall be insulated steel sectional overhead type as manufactured for Clopay Building Products. Each door is provided as one complete unit including sections, brackets, tracks, counterbalance mechanisms, hardware (list options) to suit the opening and headroom available. Standard maximum size is 24'2 wide x 18'0" high.

Materials and Construction - Sections shall be 1 3/4 thick sandwich construction consisting of exterior and interior steel skins filled by foamed-in place polyurethane foam. Both steel skins to be separated by a continuous foam thermal break. Section warranted against delamination for 10 years. Steel skins shall be roll formed commercial quality hot-dipped galvanized per ASTM A-294. A-653, phosphate coated, pre-painted with primer and baked-on polyester top coat. Door sections construction of .0175" min. (26-gauge) exterior and .0175" min. (26-gauge) interior skins. To be stucco emboss texture exterior and interior with .040" minor rib, 4" or 5" on center. End stiles shall be exterior steel skin. All stiles are engineered for easy hardware attachment through pre-punched holes, double end stiles as required. Dual continuous hinge back-up strip, pre-punched for hinge attachment. Full length vinyl astragal retainer with U-shaped flexible PVC vinyl. Section join to form weather tight tongue and groove join. High density plastic step plate/life handle provided on bottom sections.

Finish - Exterior of door to be prefinished with a 3-coat process of a baked-on polyester top coat over primer on a phosphate coating. White or brown standard colors. Interior to have baked-on polyester over primer. One full mil exterior, and one half mil interior. FINISHED GURANTEED AGAINST RUST-THROUGH FOR A FULL TEN YEARS.

Hardware - All hinges and brackets to be manufactured of hot-dipped galvanized steel, 14-gauge minimum. Ten ball steel rollers to be full floating ball bearing in case-hardened steel races, mounted to fit the taper of the track.

Tracks - 2" and 3" track as required. Vertical tracks to be a minimum of 16-gauge galvanized steel tapered and mounted for wedge type closing. Horizontal tracks to be minimum 14-gauge galvanized steel, reinforced with minimum 13-gauge galvanized angle as required. 3" track to be 12-gauge.

Spring Counterbalance - Door assembly to be operated by a torsion spring counterbalance mechanism with a helically wound, oil tempered torsion spring mounted on a galvanized steel tube or solid steel shaft as required. Cable drums are die cast aluminum width high strength aircraft cable with minimum 7 to 1 safety factor.

Locking - Inside spring loaded slide bolt lock on end stile shall engage slot in track.

Wind Loading - Contact factory for specific wind loading requirements


  1. Insulation - Maximum energy efficiency with polystyrene insulation. Polyethylene vinyl (524V) or steel backers (524S) on door interior for durability. Polystyrene foam to have fire retardant additive to meet UL R-8194A.
  2. Glazing - 24" x 6" or 24" x 12" window lite with polypropylene screw together frame or full vision section available to match door exterior. Glazing options for 524 include SSB glass 1/8" Plexiglas and ¼" wire glass. Double pane insulated windows are available for Models 524V and 524S. Prepainted full-view section with white or brown finish available with DSB glass. 1/8" Plexiglas, ¼" wire glass or ½" insulated glass. Consult factory for other options.
  3. Pass Door - Pass Door, 2'8" wide and 6'5" to 6'8" high from floor, minimum 8' to maximum 16' wide sections, for 524. 524V and 524S.
  4. Locking - Five pin cylinder lock with outside key, a 16 ½" inside lock bar engaging slot in track.
  5. High Cycle Spring - Available in 25,000 - 50,000: 100,000 cycle.
  6. Ship Lap Seal - Available foam strips can be field applied to stop air infiltration.
  7. Mullions - Carry-away and rollaway available on doors to 14' high (2" track only). Swing-up available for larger doors or 3" track applications.
  8. Track - Vertical lift, high lift, follow the rood slope and low headroom track available. Tow inch or three inch as required.
  9. Weatherstripping - Complete perimeter seals available in various materials.
  10. Oversized Doors - Larger doors available. Consult Clopay Commercial Sales at 1-800-526-4301
  11. Installation - Install door including sections, brackets, guides, tracks, etc in accordance with final shop drawings (if required) and instructions by Clopay Building Products Company.
Door Width # of Panels Max # of Window Lites Door Height # of Sections
Up to 9'2" 2 2 Up to 8'0" 4
9'4" to 13'2" 3 3 8'3" to 10'0" 5
13'4" to 16'2 " 4 4 10'3" to 12'0" 6
16'4" to 20'2" 5 5 12'3" to 14'0" 7
20'4" to 24'2" 6 6 14'3" to 16'0" 8
16'3" to 18'0" 9

Insulation Model Number with Backer Options Door Type Section Backing Material Options Polystyrene Thickness Section R-Value Section U-Value
524V (.019" min.) Polyethylene vinyl sheet 1-3/8" 6.66 .15
524S 24 Gauge Std. Ribbed Steel 30 Gauge prepainted steel 1-3/8" 6.66 .15

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